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John Lee Powers

John Lee Powers

I live in Greenville, N.C. I just turned 60 and recently retired after 30 years with the State of North Carolina. The ownership and brokerage of high end diesel coaches which has been a “side line hobby” for 30+ years is now my full time mission.

Some guys like to fish, some guys like to hunt, play golf or other hobbies. I like to piddle with diesel coaches. I am able to keep my coach at my home, pull it into my shop and do any and all maintenance myself. I purchase approximately two a year, use it, enjoy it, check it out and sell it for very close to what I have in it. Again, it is just a hobby. I am not a dealer. The simple fact is: dealers have overhead. All those sales people, real estate, buildings, insurance, workmen’s comp., inventory. You avoid all that here.

I have always been intrigued by the motor coach lifestyle and realized this with the purchase of a gas recreational vehicle many years ago. Within 3 months I realized that the ride and handling of a gas RV was not for me. I quickly sold and moved into a diesel pusher. By chance (at an RV park on the coast one weekend) I was offered a reasonable price for that coach and moved into a bit larger diesel coach. Over the years I have continued that course and bought and sold several more.

I realized in talking with the buyers that the major undertaking of such a purchase can be very perplexing without a bit of experience. After all, it’s not every day, month or even year that the average person goes out and spends their hard earned savings on such an expense.

It can be just as perplexing to sell. Sellers are often faced with the daunting task of advertising, receiving and returning calls, being asked hundreds of questions that sometimes they haven’t a clue about, etc., etc.

On the seller’s side, usually everyone requires their payoff and maybe a little something for their equity. But they do not even want to think about dealing with some of the “bottom feeders” out there. The individuals that are going to call them all hours of the night and practically “tell” them what their coach is worth.

On the other hand you have the legitimate buyers. The folks that have worked hard, maintained their credit and are very cautious about the hard earned dollars they have saved (usually over many years). They realize that a decent coach with a few comforts of home shouldn’t cost them the farm when they buy or sell.

With all this in mind … that is why I am here. I believe that a place such as this, where buyers and sellers can “meet” is desperately needed. I am offering a situation where I receive the initial contacts, clarify the serious buyers from the lookers and based on their wants and needs, match them with the appropriate sellers. Eliminating a lot of pressure and worry for both parties. If I do not have the experience needed for a particular coach, I know where to get it. I can supply both buyers and sellers with enough information that both should sleep with a solid peace of mind and neither having to endure any major financial setbacks.

DieselPushers.US … Providing Pushers Across the USA!


  • Low commission on sales
  • Low pressure, high expectation
  • We work for you to buy or sell your coach
  • Shop 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Economical and hassle free experience
  • No overhead, not a dealer
  • Customer service driven


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